Friday, January 14, 2011

The Child in You

Some days, it's good to go off and find the child in you.  Just to play.  Like a kid.  Like you did when you were a kid. I have always loved dolls,  In about 1994, I puchased the American Girl Doll Samantha.  She was given away to a little girl in Greely, Colorado, about 1997.  I think that "little girl" is probably all grown up by now!  Then I purchased Kirsten, who was given away to another little girl.  Over the years, I have bought and given away about 8 American Girl Dolls.  And then I was lucky enough to have found 5 more at thrift stores that needed repair.  I've given them all away as well.  I know they've all been well cared for over the years!

In 1995, the Girls of Today line was introduced and in 1996 I had to buy a "hanukkah doll"!  I ordered her with black hair, brown eyes, fair skin and her Hanukkah outift.   She's been on a shelf ever since with her menorah and dredle.  She's just too precious to give away!!

This week, I happened to stop by a Goodwill store.  Much to my surprise, I found an American Girl table.  I had no idea what it was. but for $'s now the center of a new "dust corner".  (if you don't know what a dust corner is - don't ask!!!)

I had the artist easel.....but I needed to make my Hanukkah girl look like an  artist.  So I made her a "lucy mcgoo" apron. You have to click on it to see how totally cute it is!!!   Lucy's motto has always been to "hug the child inside of you".  How appropriate!

remember the apron I made for the retreat here?

and no artist is complete without their bag of goodies:

Her paint set and color wheel, menorah and bear now sit on the new table (which I learned is really her sewing table)  And her other little toys are on the shelf below

added one of mom's wonderful watercolors and the vignette is complete.  And now we have an "artist" in my art studio!

So while I truly had a bit of a chuckle playing with dolls at my age, it reminded me that each of us truly needs to let the child play once in awhile.  Wonder what the grandkids will think when they find out GJ has her own American Girl Doll!!!

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madelineas said...

Oh Jen this is the best dust corner I ever saw. how sweet.
I love it