Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make Your own Snowglobe

In a recent magazine, they showed one of these and oh my goodness....well, if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about!  The Basement Babes were here in November (yeah, I'm a bit behind in my blogging) and we made our own version of snowglobes made out of baby food jars (and other jars!)  They came out wonderful!!!

It was quite a test to find things that won't dissolve in water.  This one is adorable - has more on top than inside!  But then, we tend to "break the rules" around here!

I love, love, love this one!  Sorry, but I can't remember who made which one.  If you can identify yours, just post here!

This made for a little boy and has watch parts floating in the water inside.  Who says it has to be just snowflakes???

So much creative thought went into each one of these....

I think this was a jam jar....

Can't you tell that when we get together to play, we just have a blast?

and we tend to cosume the entire length of my dining/living room/converted to studio.  It's a great place to play.  Why?  It's 2 steps from the kitchen!  LOL!

This was our annual white elephant craft gift exchange and I have to was the most fun ever.  I'm still working on getting everyone to understand that "white elephant" is something that you don't want.....we had a few items that were something everyone wanted!  Which makes the stealing and taking back and forth so much fun!

We had such a good time, that we have already decided to repeat this exact same project next November.  We have a full year to find jars and things to put inside and outside.  Won't it be a blast to compare how much our styles have changed in the upcoming year?  I can hardly wait!!!


beadcat said...

That's mine with the poinsettias on the front and the snowman inside. And I'm so glad that you love, love, love it!
Cathy A.

The Rusty Teapot said...

Jen Hi! These are Wonderful I used to love them as a child! I'll have to look around for a good waterproof ornament and try and make one! thanks for posting!