Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding (making) exactly what you want

I was on a mission to complete the wall with my personal watercolor paintings.  So we went shopping at my favorite little store in Lafayette, called Elizabeth's Embellishments.  If you are ever around Denver, this is a "must stop" shop!

I wanted a dove, a bird, something very detailed.  Here's the back side because (of course) I forgot to photo the front before I started in on it!

The front looked pretty much the same, but I needed it completely white....yet I wanted to retain the swirls.  So I sprayed a layer of white primer on it, then a layer of clear gloss.  Added diamond stickles glitter on the embossed edges and ended up with exactly what I wanted!

The details matched the original perfectly:

and now my wall is complete!

Life is good when you find (make) exactly what you want!!!


Anonymous said...

I really like what you did. All the pieces fit together right. BTW, were the "PRAY" characters black when you started? And, did you replace an "L" with the "R" to make it what you wanted to say? LOL

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Yes! PRAY was PLAY and they were all black letters, spray painted white. Another example of turning it into something that works where I want it!

You know me all too well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I came across the post from Sept 11/09 the stamp you used (flapper girl)could you please tell me who it is made by. My friend always lends me hers, the rubber was pulled off the wood and she can't remember where she got it, i can't tell you how long i have looked for that stamp. Thanks Debi

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

100 Proof Press. Isn't that an adorable stamp? If you can't find it, email me, I think I still have a contact for them.