Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cutting glass

Colleen and I spend a couple of days working with glass.  We had a few kiln loads that were good....and a few complete flops!  I still have so much glass to fire.  I can only do a 6" x 6" shelf at one time....and that takes about 14 hours to fire and cool.  This is my favorite piece so far:

I forgot to photo all that I made and have already given several away.  But these are what most of the rest looked like:

Then we tried to fix some of the problems, like cutting edges off, polishing, then fire polishing in the kiln:

Next, Colleen taught me how to cut glass to shapes.  Of course, while I did these 4 pieces....she did about 30!  But I am learning....which makes it so much fun!  The dichroic in these pieces turned out brilliant.  Too bad it won't photo!

Our standard "secret" technique.....the pieces of .999 fine silver are embedded under clear glass and over dichroic glass.  Any time I get a kiln of this to turn out, I'm so excited.  Most of you, if you try it, will get silver stain on your glass.  I'm excited to have a whole batch come out perfect!

Stay tuned as most of these will get posted in my etsy store - I hope in the next couple of weeks.

and these pieces - just perfect!  I'll add bails and they will be ready to wear as pendants.

I absolutely love working with glass and silver.  It's such a complete surprise every time I take the lid off the kiln and see what it's done.  And the suspense while you are waiting for those 12 - 14 hours to pass.....oh my goodness!

Next step, to use the saw and cut shapes like a star of david in a piece of glass and fuse it to something else.  So many things to little time!  LOL!


Edie said...

Beautiful work, Jen! I love the colors and shapes you use.

Hope you and all those you love are warm and happy!


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Edie! How are you? What are you up to these days? Staying warm yourself? Hope so! Good to "hear" from you! When are you coming out? You can help me fire glass!!! LOL!