Monday, October 18, 2010

Things to see and do in Northern Israel

It's been a couple of days with no Internet. We are at kibbutz Lavi over by Tiberias tonight. But to get here....

We saw the ruins from Harold's era in Caesarea

Remains of the aqueduct

The grottos at the Lebanese border

And then a jeep tour of the golan heights

Sorry, but I have to post these next 2 for my brother. I think I found his twin here. Our jeep guide was Telim Galilee, an 8th generation Israeli from Jerusalem, the 3rd generation on his kibbutz and yes, I bought the only jar of honey he brought to show as a product of his kibbutz!

I took 237 photos today bit since I have to edit and downsize each photo, I will simply wait till I get home. Many pics that I can use as backgrounds in art, many priceless moments of our journeys here.

I had a moment today when it hit me how truly blessed I am. How many people can say that they have ridden in an open jeep along both sides of the Jordan River? I am surely blessed beyond any words I can write! Praise Jehovah!

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Cindy Cade said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I have no doubt I will have to wait until this life is past to walk on the ground you now walk upon. But oh what a glorious thought!
Your posts are manna for the soul.