Friday, October 8, 2010

The "babes" were here.....

And they sure know how to play!  Peg made up a ton more of her fabulous clay.  Here's what Chari made:

domino tiles work great!

That darn Susan "stole" one of my 7 gypsies tabs and look what she did!

Now remember, irl, these are just about 1" she's working with some pretty small charms:

and then I had to do some more the the layered patera blanks.....I just love them!

Peg taught us her tricks and we all expanded on them.  I think I have 4 dozen pendants made now....all to give away!  Just have to let the envirotex set up and turn them all into necklaces.  3 whole days left - plenty of time!

I just love it when the Basement Babes come to play - so much fun!!!

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