Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stuff is tumbing and rolling for the sale this Saturday!!!

Tumbling and rolling as in this loretone dual tumbler - almost brand new - perfect for polishing rocks and glass (make your own sea glass) - and it comes with all this shot and gell....you won't need to buy a thing! Yes, hubby and I have decided our rock hunting days are over and we bought this just before he started getting too sick to go hunt!

Which means....if the ATV gets home from the shop by Saturday, it will be in the sale as well!!! Polaris 2UP - only 48 hours on the engine! Well, if it gets back, I'll photo it!

I'm going out of the metal clay business. These are enamels for enameling metal clay and/or glass. These are lead based. But they do work as I have tested them. This is a buy what you get as I did not test every color, but what I did test did work. About 25 pounds of enamels! PERFECT for the metal clay artist...you know how expensive these are and how rare it is to find them at a garage sale!!!

An amaco clay baking oven - which will also air dry your metal clay, or "cook" your friendly plastic. I also have a dehydrator in this sale.

Who needs FOUR creme brouillette torches? I'll keep 2 and sell 2! Well, OK, when I was teaching, I did need all 4 of them!

Individual pieces of dichroic glass that have been in bags since I got them so no scratches on them. Individually priced. You don't have to buy the entire scrap pack!

Lots of dichroic glass!

And then for the art show part of this - there will be loads of hand made items. Not only am I selling journals and other art, I'm putting all my jewelry out in the sale. Expect art show prices for these - not garage sale prices! But you won't find .999 silver cheaper anywhere out there.

Finally, friendly plastic with metal clay - what a gorgeous combination. Some have been finished into pendants and some are ready for you to decide what to do with them!

We're out working in the garage again today, adding more stuff. The sale is growing and growing as more artists want to get involved! We now have FIVE canopies going up on the front drive and lawn with 5 artist under them and 3 of us in the garage. WOW!!! If anyone else decides to join us we'll have to put canopies up on the street! I think my local HOA might complain! LOL!!!

Hope to see you all here, this Saturday, 8 am!!!


Lotus said...

O my gosh Jen!
You're killing me!!!! Is there any way you would consider selling online? LOL! If nothing else, how about the Adirondak inkpads?!? And the Ranger White ink pens?
Also love the mister/chalks in baggies... sigh... I'm in California!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

You know, we had to have a meeting yesterday and agreed there will be no sales before 8 am on Saturday. It's not fair to someone to come and think something will be here and it's already gone!

If it's here after the sale, we'll post photos and sell online.