Friday, September 17, 2010

It's getting out of hand! Sale Tomorrow!!!

I honestly don't know when I've had so much fun getting ready for a garage sale! This has been a riot. So, challenging myself...I decided to put my entire Revolution die-cutting system in the sale. This includes the 12" platform, all my quickutz dies, all the mats and pads and I've got mats to cut sizzlets and spellbinders dies for the 12" platform!

Then I decided to 1-up myself and I added my entire Sizzix system. Over $1200 worth of product! Again, I have the 6"x12" cutting platform for this - over 100 dies (Bigz, Bigz XL, regular, sizzlet, 12" and so on) and the wheeled tote! I'll be selling these systems as a whole and will not part them out.....but I guarantee you these are the deal of the day!

Did I mention storage? Decorated storage? Those $40 rounders, stuff like that! All going in the sale!

Here's a peek at just 2 rows of tables loaded with goodies! I've been up since 5 am and plan to be out there working all day long!!!

We hope to see you tomorrow at 8 am! 4 canopies in the driveway, but don't forget it's the garage where we've been setting up all this stuff for the past week!!! Hot dog, soda and chips for just $1.50. Chocolate is a penny a piece. We'll have music to shop by!

There's a free make-n-take, then one of the artists will be doing pendants with Opals Embossing Enamels, our Stampin-Up artist is doing a make-in-take and you can watch our polymer artist as she shows you how to make her wonderful beads. Meeting all these artists in one day....what's a crafter to do? LOL!!!


Elaine A said...

Jen -

I can't believe all the work that has gone into making this sale happen. Amazing! And speaking of amazing, I'm floored by all the goodies you and the rest of the group have managed to amass and set up for sale. It's just to bad that I'm in NY or you'd find me on Saturday morning at your place with a truck to carry all the things I'd be buying. My husband on the other hand is thanking God that we don't live near you - LOL!
Have fun tomorrow, it sounds like its going to be a blast. Happy selling!

Elaine Allen

Dettao said...

wow, I would sure loved to have taken advantage of your spellbinder collection and the 12" platform.