Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spellbinders - mixabilities!

Now remember, I had a chance to play with ALL of Spellbinders newest I'm mixing them up. That's why I'm calling this one "mixabilities"! Think of the possibilities you can have when you mix up the dies. Now, these are just only a smidgeon of what one could do...but I thought these were great: (remember, the mat for these is 8.5 x 11" - so huge diecuts!)

Because all the new dies are "free form" - not on plates like the old ones, you can just positition them anywhere inside each other. It makes the versatility of each set of dies so much greater.

So, here, I took the reindeer and put it inside a huge label...and actually cut it out!

You can fold the "label" in half.....

Insert plain cardstock inside the folded label

and then put the cutout deer inside the card.

I think we could almost call this a 10-second card. But definitely.....mixabilities - the newest way to use all your Spellbinders dies!

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