Monday, August 9, 2010

Grand Calibur

I got to play with it this last week. I like it.

I could end the blog there....but I won't! LOL!!!
That little white button in the front.....will suction this machine to the table so that you will lift the table (literally) before you break the suction! I liked that! Now, it does need to be on a flat table, not the textured kind so many places have. But it has mighty powerful suction and I like that!

I liked the length of the mats. Really long. I think 12" Of course I didn't have a tape measure! LOL! You can obviously go to their website to get the exact measurements.

Same sandwiches. I like that. Mats are bigger, but you won't have to relearn sandwich recipes. Nice!

Nice compact opening. Nothing that sticks out, folds down, this is going to take up a lot less space on the desktop than my Big Shot. Sandwiches are easier than the Big Shot. :o)

Someone said they thought it looked like you had to crank the roller handle a lot to get it through. It didn't seem to be any more than the Big Shot and you get so many more diecuts for the effort! What I love ratchet sound!!! YEAH Spellbinders!!!

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these new dies. Oh my goodness! I sat and cut/embossed paper for 2 hours straight one morning. The combinations - the playful things you can do! Yes, I had access to every single new die that Spellbinders has coming out this fall.....and I want them all.

Sigh! Bother! Deary me! But I can tell you now, you are going to want them all, too! LOL!

So, stupid me, I put all the samples in a box that is leaving today and I won't have them probably until Friday. Stupid me! But, I have more photos and will show you some of the fun positions I put stuff in starting tomorrow. It's like I ONLY had 2 hours to play and my brain was just like a ferris wheel - going round and round loaded with ideas and I didn't want to get off! Guess that's why I wasn't thinking when I packed to come home!

For those of you who were at Phil's - geez - why didn't I actually take the time to cut stuff out for you? DUH!!!

OK, someone just come on over and smack me one up the side of the head. Maybe we can shake my brain back into gear! But wait a few days! I spent 2 hours in the dentist chair this morning and the whole left side of my face is swollen and sore!

PS Stacey, I miss ya! Love you missy!!!


Dettao said...

I have already pre-ordered one of these plus 4 of the new large dies. Spent a fortune but I am so excited. I can't wait to see what you created with them

linda said...

It was great to hear the excitement in your voice when talking about the GC! I've ordered one and also a few of the older SB dies. Will need to wait on the Grand ones until prices die down some(LOL). I'm new to embossing machines, and decided to get the GC as it is a large format and versatile in that it can use most other dies as well as stainless steel and brass stencils for embossing. It can also use the 36gauge brass, bronze and copper craft foils which I like to use. Be sure to seal or lacquer your metal sheets and allow to sit up before using as these metals are not lacquered and will patina in time.

Thanks again for your information, and the fact that the sandwich recipes are the same as they were for the Wizard. Once we get our GCs, it will be very good to be able to share thoughts with others using it.


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Linda, Linda, Linda - such fun to see someone new to embossing machines. But I really wouldn't classify this as that - it's a diecut machine.

No need to seal metal - just use Amaco's brand. I have some emobssed/diecut items that are more than 6 years old, having been embossed in the older Wizard, and there's no patina on any of them to date.