Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to cool down!

This is pretty funny. My cousins, Gary & Carol, live in Scottsdale AZ, and they flew up to Denver "to cool down"!

So, I decided to drive them up to the top of Rocky Mountain National where there is STILL snow!!!

It's a gorgeous drive any day.....but if you are 62, did you know you can get a lifetime pass to all of the National Parks for just $10? Gary got his this week!!! And I do think their future vacation plans will include a few more National Parks!

It's been a cold, wet summer here in Colorado and we still have "snow fields" up high. Now - everywhere else, if snow stays on the ground year round, it's called a "glacier". But here - no- they are just snow fields!

We got to the top, above timber line, where there is nothing but timber and wind. About 40 degrees. The wind chill factor probably brought it down to about 30. Carol finally admitted she was cool!

And all this, just about an hours drive from where I live. Not too bad, huh?

If you take the drive, stop in Estes park at the taffy place. They've been pulling taffy since at least 1965 - the first time dad brought us out here on vacation. It hasn't changed a bit....and it still tastes just as good!


Anonymous said...

Jen, I LOVE Estes Park! I remember visiting there as a child, with a great aunt who lived there in the summer. She's the one who introduced me to Arabian horses, she had two, and I still love them. I'd love to come back and visit - it's such an amazing place.

~~~ M ~~~ said...

RMNP and Estes Park are probably my favorites of all national park areas! I live in Colorado, but we don't take advantage of the wonders in our own back yard as much now vs. when we came on vacation. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

You all know it's not too late to take a drive up, don't you? The Aspen were barely starting to turn, so give it about 2-3 more weekends and it will be a wonderful drive!!! Just stop and get some taffy and visit the rock shop next door - he's been oven since at least 1965 as well.

But the old-fashioned candy store has closed. How sad is that?

And there's a new scrapbook store in town - I need to find her address! Thought I knew where it was, but I was wrong!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...