Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The "golden pp awards"

Last year, at our retreat, we handed out the "golden pp awards". I don't have a single picture of the award - but they are coming back as the second annual golden pp awards - awarded at the starving artists playground in just a month!!! They are little rubber babies and when you squeeze them, they pee. Painted gold, of course!!!

The "naughty Girl Hat" is on it's way back from world wide travels - I wonder who will end up wearing it the most???

The world famous swap tables will be returning again:

And our fabulous designers - Lis Welsh, Jana Ewy and Linda Peterson will be having a trunk show over the weekend!

Just 1 month away - the Starving Artists Playgound. Totally sold out! But we do have room for you to skype in and play! It will only cost you $10 per hour - if you are interested, just email me!

Shortly after last year's retreat, we had a challenge where we took these plain wood dolls that cost a buck a piece and altered them. The finished dolls have been under lock and key all year long! And we will reveal them and vote on them at this year's retreat......how fun is that????

They all started out looking like this:

There were no rules - you could do anything to them that you wanted. There are only 2 people in the world who have seen all the entries and I'm one of them! They are just simply amazing!!!

so we decided to share mine here....and then bits and pieces of the other dolls over the next month. And then we will totally reveal them at the retreat, let the attendees vote on them, and announce the winners right here!

I decided to turn my doll into Lucy McGoo - the Shopping Queen.....and if you can see...she has multiple bags and purses in her hands and about 20 pairs of shes at her feet! Just too much fun!

But mine is probably one of the very simplest of all dolls! Stay tuned for more snipits and chatter as we take the next month to get ready for the retreat - and yes, we will be posting class kits for sale right here! So much to do....so little time....and I just want to play!

oh, if you want to read about last year's retreat, check out my blogs for last October 4 - 11, several days of posts, lots of photos, loads of fun!!!

Let the countdown clock begin!!!

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