Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I really do get a lot of my inspiration from my childhood memories. This trip home was wonderful for so many reasons.....but going to Perkinsville was just beyond special!

I wrote last night about one of my Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Gentry. Mildred Gentry. I remember she made great pies! She lived in a farmhouse on the bend on the river.

Had a huge red barn with a silo.

and look mom, they still hang the tack in the barn!!!

When I went to church in Perkinsville, we put on the play "Mountain gal" one summer. My dear friend, Karla and I got to dress up as hillbillie girls and put mud all over our legs. We thought it was quite fun! I had the lead role and I remember I had to memorize 110 lines for the play. I think there's a reason why my stage career ended there! (That's me on the right and Karla on the left in the early 60s).

My Grandma Moore (on the left) and Karla's mom, Emma Lou, worked together to help us put the play on.

Emma Lou came to church on Sunday morning to see me after all these years. I swear....she has not changed a single bit!!! She was our youth group leader and I can still hear her say, "Now Jennifer, you be a good girl! You come see me often!"

And here's the coolest part of the story....Karla married Steve....Mrs. Gentry's son. She now lives in the house on the bend in the river with the red barn and the silo. And the best part.....I get to call her "Mrs. Gentry"!!!

Yes, some things just never change!!!

Fourty some years later...I don't think we have changed much at all. We can still talk non-stop, pass notes in Sunday School, forget that anyone else is in the room and listen when our mom's say, "be good....visit often!"

It really is true that your first friends are your forever friends!!!

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~~~ M ~~~ said...

What a neat story about "going home"! Sounds like it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and family!