Friday, August 28, 2009

Lollipop - Lollipop.....

These are totally fun for the kids to do - and so quick and easy! Just diecut out the shape and insert the lollipop.

At the show, these were the aperture cuts inside our cards and we put them on the front of the cards.

Well, my friend Terry wore one in his glasses!!! I think he would do anything to have fun! He's here with his wonderful wife Leesa - who is one of the most fun crafters I know.

And the bird is fun as well.

I also wanted to show that you can do big fluffy bows like this with the bow maker on the Ultimate Crafter's Companion. It just makes making bows way too easy!!!

Well, I think I'm caught up on photos from last weekend! Hope you've enjoyed them all. I've had a great week. Kerry's been gone on a business trip and I have been resting. Watching movies. Doing some cleaning. Out with girlfriends - it's been such a fun week! Saw Julie & Julia today - if you haven't been - go see it. But eat first! LOL!!!

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