Saturday, August 15, 2009

I learned something today!

That a card I can make in 15 minutes will take 1 hour at a show! LOLOL!!! I thought we were going to play with honeycomb paper......remember Grandma's valentine cards?

You can diecut it, cut it in half and it's perfect behind a folded aperture card. I thought we could diecut, emboss and ink little cupcakes to hang in the middle of the card.....not to mention diecutting and embossind down the sides of the cards. Really - it's all so quick and simple!

I thought we could cut circles with scalloped borders and then rectangles.....and stamp on them.....and make this adorable birthday card.......

But after the first one took a whole hour to do....I quickly changed my mind and came up with a very short version of how to do a pop-up card!!! I think I might turn this into a class here in my studio! But I have to tell you - I am in love with honeycomb paper. Just got a ton of it in Lucy McGoo's little store and it sells for $5 or$8 per pad. If you are interested, just email me! Oh, it comes in a wide variety of colors....I just liked the idea of doing a black and white card.

Sometimes I have the best ideas.....and they just go flying out the window as fast as they came in!!!


Anonymous said...

$5 of $8 per pad????
Have you been drinking the expo water?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

OK - I am entitled to make 10 typos per day! This is only # 1 today! LOLOL!!!