Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heading home....

Started the long winding road home today. DOES wind when you are in the Ozarks! Wonder if anything is straight there? LOL! I'll have to write later about Branson....just not enough hours in my day and I'm way far behind posting stuff that Linda and I made this week

I'm not near as fast or as good as Linda is at turning what I do into finished jewelry pieces. But I do love the process of making the pieces. Continuing yesterday's theme....Linda made the background. I simply pressed some metal clay into a mold made from a tiny charm and then added it to this piece:

In this next shot, I wanted to try and show that you can completely cover the silver with envirotex. OK, think about it - you will never have to polish it as air won't get to it and it will never tarnish. Yet you have a piece made with fine silver!

Just another piece made by inking a piece of marble white friendly plastic, drawing flourishes in it with a paint brush dipped in rubbing alcohol, then adding white pen over it. The seahorses are made of fine silver.

And yet another Linjeneered piece. Linda made the background. I hammered flat some sterling and fine silver jump rings and added them, then covered the whole piece with envirotex.

I have no idea what I will create from this piece, but I really love it! The metal clay was pressed into a mold. The mold had been made from a really old charm I found somewhere. I embeded the silver into a piece of Friendly Plastic, then Linda poured envirotex on it for me. I'm working on a fine silver bezel to set this one in. Wish you could see these as the camera just doesn't do them justice!

I have a feeling I'm going to be making jewelry for the long term! Lots of things to play with!!!

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