Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friendly Plastic O(oooh!!!)pals!!!

Today was the best! Linda Hanson from After Midnight Stamps was here for the second time with the Basement Babes. And our goal was to experiment with Opals Embossing Enamels (they come from Australia and Linda is the US distributor for them) and Friendly Plastic.

So, of coure, Linda Peterson skyped in. And I have to say, Kerry is just brilliant! He set it up so Linda appeared on the wide screen TV in my studio - how cool is that???

I mean - it was just like having her right here with she was just sitting there working away!

even making a Friendly Plastic crown! Hmmm....I wonder if she is thinking about going off to London to see the Queen? Hmmmm....I wonder if I can crawl in her suitcase and go with her!!!

We spent the day trying to see what we could do by combining Opals and Friendly Plastic. Our first technique is here and yep, I'll be sharing more tomorrow. This is just beyond fun!!! And I totally love the results:

Pink, then purple.....the color combinations are absolutely endless!!! I know you are going to want a tutorial on how to do this.....but hang on because I need a few days to get that together! Today was all about coming up with the idea, the technique and repeating it at least 3 times so that we knew it would work....

and I think my fav is the turquoise. (OK, OK.....I will learn the colors of the opals! But NOT tonight!!!)

This technique involves layering Friendly plastic between colored and clear Opals embossing enamels

So check back tomorrow night for yet another new idea using these 2 incredible products! Oh! I love it when we get together and experiment! What a great day!!!

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