Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friendly Plastic O(oooh!!!)pals turned into pendants

Dear Ginni - you will have to come back over the mountain (yes, I know - TWO passes!) and spend a whole day and I will happily teach you how to do wire wrapping!

Seems like when Ginni is here there is just never enough time to play! And I actually ran out of 20 guage wire today and will have to order more in before I can finish up!

Not to mention that I totally ran out of matching chains!

But I love how each piece becomes something different - unique - as you start to wrap wire around them.

The process of matching wire, wire guage, colors, chains.....oh! what fun!

and while some pieces might appear to be the same (above and below) they really aren't and you can change them even more by changing the color or wire and the way you wrap it.

While this blog is being posted, I've been at the show in Colorado Springs demoing once again and am off to spend the night with mom. Such a non-stop busy life!!!

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bijouxartcreation said...

très joli bravo