Thursday, July 30, 2009

wax resist on Metal Clay - part 2

Yesterday, I started with a colorbox stamp strip. Linda let me cut it up to show the section that I used here. What a gal!!! Wanted you to see how it really does look like a colorburst and I don't think they meant for me to see the Star of David in it! LOL!!!

Remember I was worried about what the wax resist would do in the kiln? Well, I need to back up. I applied several layers, allowing it to "nearly" dry between each layer. If I remember right - maybe 4 layers. It was definitely thick. It went on in fairly straight lines....considering that I wasn't worried about how straight they were at all...I was just following the lines of the stamped image! So, I fired it to 1472 degress and held for 30 minutes. Took it out and quenched it. Saw immediately that the wax resist had not burned off.

My next step was to simply take my brass brush to the piece to remove the fire scale. Well, guess what.....every ounce of the wax resist came off with just a couple swipes of my brush!!! Yeah!!!

I've taken the piece and used alcohol ink in the recesses of the area that were deepened using the water etching method. The Star of David is in 2 levels, so I polished the highest level in the center of the you can hopefully see that there are 3 levels of metal to this.....completely accomplished with water and wax resist.

Great product!

Totally happy with my first water etched piece! Can't wait to get home and try some of my other stamps.....oh what the heck? Maybe I'll draw something later today!

Only today and tomorrow left to play at Linda's! It is pouring down rain today, so we have postponed our "field trip" to Branson until tomorrow. That just means we have to play harder today! LOL!

I must say that some of the fine silver and Friendly Plastic pieces that we are making are incredible!!! Stay tuned for more fun from Ozark Missouri!!!

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