Saturday, June 13, 2009


I won a contest at CHA and Amaco sent us enough Friendly Plastic for a party for 8.  But you know what?  I really think it was enough for a party for FOURTY!!!!!

I tossed in all my scraps - can you tell that I never throw away anything?  And I didn't even use the pellets - we'll do that at another party!  Oh, we didn't get to the mold stuff, the mesh, the copper, the bead rollers.....I mean seriously......did they mean for this to be a party for 8 that lasted 40 days????  LOLOL!!!

What an amazingly generous company!!!  Seriously - I have won some "gift packages" in the past.....but this has to be the absolute most fun.  So, I invited 7 other artists to come for a day of "experimenting".  I suggested products for them to bring to play with and I have to was just beyond amazing.

It went from intense moments.....where no one said a word (imagine that???) to moments where I couldn't think what I was doing because everyone was talking all at the same time!  We skyped our friend Clare in Scotland - that was fun!  And we skyped Mom.  She and Kathleen (below) used to work together out at the Keenseburg Clinic.  Is this a small world or what????  And of course, we skyped Linda Peterson.  You can't have a Friendly Plastic party like this without inviting her to play - even if it's via the internet!

We made a serious mess of things.  And I do mean SERIOUS!!!

We did a lot with alcohol inks.  Copic markers.  Everyone got 2 pendant frames to play with.  I never got to either one of mine.  Just way too much to play with!

And way too many giggles!  Take note of Susan's time to make ourselves gorgeous for the camera - it was a day of pure play!

I'll be blogging some of our works-in-progress over the next few days and hope the girls will send me pics of their finished projects to share with you.  But here's just a snippet of the fun we had today.  Colleen made this gorgeous bracelet.  She stamped with Stazon ink on white.  Then fused her white stamped squares into black.  Then shaped it into a bracelet.  Covered with environtex that she could handle immediately!!!  Oh technique?????  Want to know the secret of that one? know my rule...we have to replicate the process 2 more times before we can share it!!!

The one thing I can tell you is that I kept hearing this comment over and over all day long......"oh my there no end to what you can do with this stuff???"

Then answer is.....NO!!!  And that's the real beauty of Friendly Plastic.  There's simply no end to what you can do with it!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Amaco for an absolutely fantastic day!!!


Margie Higuchi said...

OMGosh...look at all the stuff! LOL! Thanks for sharing all the fun & pics! Can't wait to see all the finished project!

Anonymous said...

I was browsing your blog and was hoping you might be able to tell me where I can buy friendly plastic? I live in Canada but travel to the States (NY in particular) frequently. This is a medium I've wanted to try for a long long time now.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Just go to and it's all there! Just about the best source for everything Friendly Plastic. If you come across to the states, Hobby Lobby is the only place that I know that carries it "fresh" as in newer sticks. And I'm not sure if they are on the east coast or not.

Hope that helps!

di from di-did-it said...

Oh man that looks like fun! I haven't yet found anyone in my area interested in FP, so must rely on blogs, etc. for inspiration as I learn. Thanks for sharing all that you share!

Lise in Norway said...

I love watching your blog. I gives me a lot of inspiration. I have the friendly plastic but were can I buy the forms you use to warm up in and the sheets to hold the plastic.... I have to order from Norway to the US..can you help to find a internett adress I will be trilled