Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something old...something new

Something borrowed - something blue! I think that should be the artist's mantra for techniques!!! When I was on Spellbinder's Design Team in 2005, Linda Peterson showed us how to mix Fimo decorating gel (liquid polymer clay) with alcohol inks to embellish copper. I borrowed that technique and applied it to silver. This piece was published in Belle Armoire Jewelry in the Spring 2008.

You can also see that piece as one of the classes I teach here in my studio. Linda and I have been doing this faux enameling technique for 4 years now. We tend to forget that what is "old" to us, us "new" to others!

Because I'm teaching diecutting and embossing, I decided to revive Linda's old technique and make it "new" again by changing up the mix. On the blue petals, I used Linda's technique. You simply squirt out a dime size pool of liquid polymer clay onto your non-stick craft sheet. Add 2 drops of alcohol ink and mix with a toothpick. Then take that toothpick and paint the gel on top of our item. For the flower, I'm simply highlighting the embossed area of the diecut. Yes, this is Art Clay Silver Paper type, diecut, embossed, fired and polished. So it's .999 fine silver over a polished stone. Pretty cool, huh?

For the green part on the leaves, I used microbrushes and painted Lettuce AI over the silver, then covered that with clear decorating gel. Baked in Amaco's clay oven at 275 for 10 minutes.

Same process for the next one. The wild plum was painted on with clear on top, the blue is the mix.

Well, I'm not sure I like the next one at all. I love trying new things and there are good and bad about I won't be too "blue" for using up my silver. I stamped the image into the paper type, then etched all the stamp lines. Gave it a wash of black stazon so the ink would go down into the cracks. Fired the silver. Used my copic markers to color in the various areas.

Then I think my mistake was to cover the entire piece with liquid polymer clay and bake it. It definitely tones down the silver. But the good part is that it makes the piece thick enough that you don't have to back the silver with anything. Had I not covered the entire piece, I would have to back it with something else.

I do love the ability to use copic markers to apply color. I must try airbrushing it on to silver!

By the way, I have 12 of these stamps to give away in my presentations at MCWC!!!! She's from 100 Proof Press.

So there you have it:

Something old - liquid polymer clay
Something new - combining it with copic markers
Something borrowed - Linda's techique (and yes, she gave me permission!)
Something (not) blue - me!



Anonymous said...

It's nice you gave credit to Linda for the technique. Others don't always give credit where credit is due when they present a technique. Nice results in them all.

Chris said...

Wow! Jen,

I can't wait to see your alcohol and Liquid Polymer. I have been using resin so I am interested in the pros and cons.

Chris Brooks