Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A playday with Susan Mostek

How fun to just sit and play and experiment and try things out!!! Susan is going to be teaching a Nicho Box class at our upcoming Starving Artists Playground and these are a couple of samples that she came up with today. We were looking for ways to tie them in with Friendly Plastic and used our clay cutters for this design.

On this one, I taught her how to make Liz Welch's cute little flowers and they are just perfect!!!

I'm hoping you can get an idea of the depth on these boxes here....with beading and netting on the inside, the lid opens up and you could pur anything you want inside.

It is truly exciting for me to see what the Playground "monitors" (ok, you can call them teachers if you want!) are coming up with as we make progress on our Playground Playshops!!!

Once again, ya gotta love this resurgence of Friendly Plastic - it's truly an amazing product!!!

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