Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The surprise of my life!!!

Added on Thursday:  I have been staying with my new friend, Vickie, up in Ramona CA.....where the buffalo roam...and there's very little internet access.  I have been able to answer most emails via my iphone and was surprised when I got an email from Kathy this morning asking if I was ok.  She said I didn't blog yesterday.  Well, there are always glitches with every system.....and right now I'm at the San Diego airport waiting for my plane to get here and fixing yesterday's blog problems.  This post was scheduled to go live at 7 pm last night....and that just didn't happen.  But keep reading....I think the story is well worth the delay!!!

Linda and I totally enjoy skyping each other and she has been up in Hemet, CA this week attending her uncle's funeral We had set up our cameras and she's been skyping in to my classes as often as she can. Yesterday, I was teaching friendly plastic at Stamping Details, and had my camera all set up.

She texted me and said she was at lunch and would skype as soon as she could.

An hour later, I texted her back and told her she was at a C- for the class because she was late. She texted back that I was a really rough teacher and asked if I graded on the curve at all?

My students were laughing.

Soon after that, I heard her ask, "are you ready to skype?" and in the back of my brain, I thought, "boy, her voice sure is coming in clear over the computer" and instantly realized the computer was to my right and her voice was to my left and I swung around and just let out a scream of joy.....she was live in person in the store!!!

How fun is that?  I was completely shocked and immediately put her to work teaching her wonderful Friendly Plastic ways.  What a bonus treat for those who signed up for that class!!!  And then I let her know she was teaching for "free".

She let me know that what goes around.....comes around!  I imagine I'll pay for this forever!!!

I think I took too many photos....but I just couldn't believe she was in the store!

And here she is with her sweet mom.  Her Aunt was with them as well.  What a totally fun day!

However, I did let Linda know that I am approaching the age where heart attacks can occur with absolutely no warning and perhaps she should give that some consideration in the future!  hahaha!  What a delight to have a friend who would drag her family down to the store where I'm teaching the day after a funeral.  I think that's one for the books!

Love you to pieces, Linda!!!

PS - to my readers.....take a second look at the photos and check out the background!  This store is amazing!  Every single inch of space is crammed with stamps, paint, ink, metal tools, a gadzillion things to play is worth the drive if you are anywhere in the southwest part of the US!!!

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