Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was teaching my first class today at Stamping Details and I had my laptop set up so Linda Petereson could skype in to join the class.  I knew she was in Hemet, California, attending her uncle's funeral.  She texted me and told me that she was out to lunch and would skype as soon as she got home.  

I was teasing the students and texted her that she would be getting a C- for being late.

A little later, I heard her say, "so, are you ready for me to skype in?" and I honestly thought, "wow....her voice is coming across the computer so clear....."

and there she was!  Live and in person, in the store in our class!  I let out a scream and laughed so hard.  And then I reminded her that I am approaching the "heart attack" age and she probably shouldn't scare me like that!

We finished our first class, have done some demos, had a hamburger and I'll post photos later today.

How incredibly fun to have her in the store and in the class.....and what a huge bonus for the students who attended!!!

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