Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liz takes a class!

So, I hate to say it, but I am still totally new to videos and I'm sad to report that my camera wasn't on during the funniest part. I just wanted to cry when I found out part of the video is missing. Liz did one clip where her hair was so messed up and she was groaning and moaning.....but I think you get the idea! We really do know how to play when I go out to Scrapbook Your Life!!!

Now, don't fret....Liz did finish her doll before I left. And she did a fantastic job!

Her coloring (airbrush and alcohol inks), sanding, embossing with TenSeconds tools as well as cuttlebug embossing folders....

Swarovsky crystals on the joints, metal charms for the crown, 

Airbrushed charms on top of the this just too clever?  Plus, she dual-embossed the wings - half each with a different embossing folder.

And she used numerous plates throughout the body.

I do think Liz gets and A+ for her hard work!  Now, if you need a source for the tools and metal, just give the store a call!  They have a whole wall - I had so much fun shopping while I was teaching this class!

Thanks to all the gals who came to class and let me video them - such good sports!!!

We did this class twice and literally ran out of the TenSeconds Studio doll templates.  So I made a smaller template and added wings.  These students had to pick between a big doll without wings, or a small doll with wings.  Each one takes a full sheet of metal.  So I'm going to post my smaller template here - feel free to print it out, it should be sized a full 8.5 x 11".   OK, I will post it when I find it! LOL! I'm still not done unpacking and putting stuff away, so the hunt is on. Hopefully I'll find it in the next day or 2....I know it's here, I know I've seen it, I know I can find it......and I'm sure you never have a day like that, huh? :o)

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