Sunday, May 17, 2009

The art of Liz Duffy

I have to say that I love it when a store owner is also an artist! Liz makes these wonderful collage pins by assembling charms and swarovsky crystals. And she's flying to Colorado to teach this as a class at our retreat. Oh my! I am definitely signing up for this class!!!

You gotta love "starving" artists. The retreat is already full up.....and we haven't even shared the classes and workshops that are going to be offered. Is that great? I'm thinking that next year we may have to grow this thing even bigger!

I've turned away over a dozen people so far and it's mostly been word of mouth. We don't even have a name for the thing yet. But with projects like this, oh my, I can hardly wait.

Now, I wrote this post last night as today, we are supposed to be in flight to Huatulco, Mexico. We have a change of planes in Dallas, and another in Mexico City. I plan to have my camera ready and see if everyone is really wearing face masks and yes....I have ours all packed. I plan to blog and skype direct from Huatulco. This is not a sight-seeing or touristy kind of trip as this is our 3rd time to this quaint little seaside port, so we know our way around. There really aren't any big events, just small local tours. Mostly, you go here to rest. The forecast is for rain the whole time of all things! There are a couple of small villages inland and I like to wander through the shops. I'm hoping to get lots of photos and see if I can find interesting art to come home with. If nothing's going to be 2 weeks with lots of naps, excellent shrimp cerveche, hopefully some snorkeling, and maybe a few pina coladas under the cabana on the beach!

Most likely, tomorrow night will be my post about our travel travails. Kerry and I seem to have the worst luck ever when we go anywhere. So here's hoping we run into a little fun as we make our way south!

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