Thursday, April 30, 2009

Painting 802

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow.....we start the BIG SALE at Scrapbook Your Life!!! If you live anywhere in southern California.....get yourself down to Hwy 8 & Hwy 5!!! HUGE discounts on every machine. You pre-order, pre-pay, and the more you buy, the bigger your discount! But I can't tell you what the discount have to come into the store to find out.

AND....there's a different sale on Saturday

AND....there's yet a different sale on Sunday!!!

So come see me all 3 days and we'll just play!!!

I'll be doing some make n takes, some demos and on Friday and Sunday I'm teaching classes and Susan is teaching on Saturday!

WOW!!!  What a weekend!!!

I will be buying! :o)

Earlier this week, I actually took a day off and took a class myself!  We started out previewing what we were maybe going to do.  I love that.....possibility thinking!

But it didn't take too long for the fun to start.......
And it didn't take very long for the mess to start......beyond my comprehension...but then I rarely take a painting class.
And then a period of intently listening while we each tried to figure out what we were going to create:

And then it was off to play.....
Can't share it yet......but I did like the techniques that I learned.  Some of the girls finished theirs.....not me!  I will need a lot of time to get mine done!

Why 802?  Well, I can't really explain it because the teacher never got to finish the class!  LOL!  But I actually got to take a class out here.....and just wanted to share how messy and how intent all of us "students" could be.  

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