Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mini Mini Me

I have a little girl, Sophia, who is only 5 years old and she came and took one of my classes (look out crafters!!!) and she wants to do the Mini Me Class......so I made a mini mini me for her, with wings....this one one is only 10 1/2" tall. (The other Mini Me is 16" tall).

She has one shoe on and one shoe off!!!

And then I made this fun pendant using pewter and Ten Seconds Studio plates.....

And then a tiny little pin using ERA Graphics stamps:

We're using the new Adirondack Alcohol Ink Fillable Pens to recolor the metal.....I do love them!  And of course, as always, stickles to add some bling!

So, the pattern for the mini mini me doll with wings is my modification of the Ten Seconds Studio mini me doll and I can't wait for class because you will get a choice....you can do my version with wings.....or you can do the 16" doll without wings.  Each doll takes a full sheet of metal and a full sheet of red-line (super) tape.  I absolutely LOVE giving women choices....it drives them nuts!!!

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Ginni said...

You are such an evil enabler - LOL! Have fun (as if I need to tell you that - LOL!)