Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friendly Plastic Scrap Fusion

The other day I shared my bracelet blank that I made out of Ranger's Mold-n-pour. And this is one of the ideas that I had for it. I cut up bits and pieces from our scrap pile. and laid them all face up in the blank.
Set the blank on the griddle just under 200 degrees and let the pieces all melt together.
Drug Amaco's "comb" through the melted plastic in opposite directions:

Then trimmed the edges off.  Now, I sort of like it just like this and think it would make a great bracelet.

But I could also cut it into strips and use these in the inlaid technique. 

Guess we are all going to have to make up bracelet blanks to use.  Just think of all the possibilities we oculd have - placing charms, found objects....all kinds of things in here and you can build it up as it's not going to run over.  I have to thank Linda once again for inspiring me to think outside the's just been a blast!


Ginni said...

Love it! Of course, these are my colors anyhow!! Can hardly wait to get my FP.

Myléne Hillam said...

Great way to use up all your scraps Jen. Love the finished strip, but I also like it in the pre-marble stage.
Love your cuff mould - terrific idea!

Gillie said...

Hi Jen
Love the idea of making a bracelet mold..
Would one pack of the mold n pour make it or would I need more?