Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foiling Friendly Plastic Pellets

Yep, you read that right! Just watch! I melted the pellets and added color just like Linda did in her video that I linked to last night. I used Amaco's Rub N Buff to get a green color - and it has a bit of shimmer to is as well. Rolled it out and diecut it with a Sizzix"

I'm using a product called Bling Bling! from eureka stamps.
It says it's a rub on.....but it's an iron on as well.
You want to lay down a silpat sheet or a non-stick craft sheet, the plastic, place the foil on top of that (I switched and used a solid color here) and then another non-stick craft sheet on top of the foil.

Put your iron on the hottest setting and iron all over the top sheet:

Place the whole thing in cold water, then peel it off.  You can see that because I ironed it, the plastic melted and spread out, but the foil adhered to all of it.  I'm comparing the foiled piece to the original.  And I can always foil first and then diecut as well.

To show the difference, I layered the original on top of the foiled one.  Which of course gave me yet another idea....layering friendly plastic diecuts as I think this makes a great shadow!

So much to try out, so little time!!!

We get up around 6 am and we just go non-stop until midnight or later.  I'm thinking I may end up crashing early tonight!  Oh's already 8:30 pm!  I tell you, it's so hard to even stop to write a blog by 7 pm!  LOL!  What on earth am I going to do when Linda leaves?  Next up - soldering "frames" for friendly plastic!!! Well, that's what I'm going to do next...but who knows what I'll blog about next!  :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I love your die cuts. Have you tried foiling the piece of FP before you cut it? Also you can do the foiling with a heat gun rather than an iron. If you heat it until it is just glossy (not soft), then apply the foil, you don't squish your design.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Liz, you are so right....but, but, but....I was keeping secrets for future blogs! LOLOL!!!