Monday, December 1, 2008

My ebay store is up and running!!!

I used to do ebay all the time.  Then I quit.  I haven't done anything for at least 3 years and man!  Have things changed!  Including the fact that I switched from a PC to a MAC......

But I've got my store up and 4 auctions up and I hope to add 6 more tonight and then 10 more a day for the next week or so.  

I sell under 4 Moore Girls because our maiden name is Moore and there are 4 sisters.  And we have tons of stuff.  

I've still got some editing to do to the the store where I want it to be.....

And once I get all my used items posted, I'll work on starting a store with new product from Lucy McGoo's little store here at home!

Like I have time? 

It was a great day!  I finished up my piece for the Butterfly Project and if I do say so, it is a museum quality fine art project!  I absolutely love it and will get it sent off in the mail tomorrow.  Because it's being entered as part of a competition, I won't post it until the closing date.  I can hardly believe that I actually finished something before the deadline!

Check out my auctions, bookmark the store, and check back often as I plan to continue adding items as fast as I can!

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