Monday, December 29, 2008

More wall art

Now that the 8 Nights of Lights are over....I may never do another video!!!! OK....JUST KIDDING!!! But I want to get caught up on my life and all the other fun things I did the past 8 days! Are you getting a rest yet? Not me....I just seem to go, go, go! But I do love a great sale. Hobby Lobby had these shadowbox type frames marked down to $3.50. I couldn't resist!

But they weren't my colors. Of course! So I got busy and altered a couple of them, adding in what I'm now calling my studio signature colors - turquoise, white and brown and this Heidi Swapp paper.

You really have to be careful if you ever come to my house and look around! That's NOT a jump ring on the top of the letter "L"! That's Grandma Myrtle's wedding band! And yes, I've written on the back who this goes to....and I've told Kerry to be sure to read on the back of all my art as it will tell what the little hidden secrets are and who I'd like it to go to!

And I did one with a photo of mom. It says, "She gave me the gift of art. She taught me how to play an dhow to pray. May I give these GIFTS to my children one day." And inside is a piece of domino art that has the word "play" on it.

I'm still working on coordinating wall baskets and if I ever get them all done, I'll take a photo of the wall. For now, the art is piling up on the table so I guess I'd better go play some more!!!

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