Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eight nights of lights - Night 7

Tonight is a night to reinforce rituals of the past 6 nights. Well, in my mind, that means to light the lights, say the blessings, bake and eat food, play games, share stories, make someone laugh, remember your blessings....

But it's also a time to ponder traditions. Or ponder the reasons why we do what we do. I grew up in a house where we celebrated Christmas each year. We had a tree and presents. We believed in Santa Claus. We sang Christmas carols. OK, we did not light a yuletide log or have holly hanging around. But for the most part, a very traditional Christmas. For me, that grew into 3 Christmas trees filled with 1500 Hallmark ornaments and a house where it took me 3 full months to get ready for a single day. Not to mention the credit card debt to buy presents, ship them, Christmas cards, postage.....

And then I went back to studying the Bible and came to know that all of this was based on pagan origins and I just didn't want any part of it. So I quit. Whew!!!

I like taking 8 nights to do all the things listed above. It's never too late to start new traditions in your life. It's never too late to study the Bible, learn something new, start a new art project, make a new friend.

It's never too do whatever it is you want to do, become the "real" you, find the child in you.....oh! the list is just endless!!!

Speaking of new ways to play....I'm always looking for things in the kitchen to play with in my art! Tonight.....silicone ice cube trays. They come in all shapes and sizes. Hope you enjoy!!!

And please, don't tell me my fingers are dirty! It's how I spend most of my time - dirty fingers, clean soul? LOL!!

On this 7th night of lights, I do hope that you will take time to remember why there are 8 nights of lights.

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Anonymous said...

I feel so silly. I've watched 7 of he 8 nights of lghts and forgot to post! I love all you've done. You away have such neat projects. The opals and fantasy film look like something I've got to try. Thank you for sharing.