Monday, December 22, 2008

Eight Nights of Lights - Night 2

Tonight is light as in light weight. I love making glassless faux dichroic glass! It's so easy and totally fun! You can use it behind diecuts like these Stars of David from Spellbinders. Makes a wonderful "stained glass" look.

Or you can make them into pendants - which I just love!

I'm using opals, but I made this necklace using clear UTEE in the same technique.

The video will show you how to make the faux dichroic glassless glass - what you do with them is up to you!!!

If you study history, you will see that so many rulers have prohibited Jewish people from praying to their God, practicing their customs and studying the Torah. Over and over and over. Yet they have remained intact for centuries due to one simple word - tradition. One of which is the celebration of Hanukkah.

The Maccabees were known as resistance fighters - they fought against paganism and oppression. After 3 years of fighting, they drove the Greco-Syrians out of Judea and reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem. They cleaned the Temple, removed the Greek symbols and statues and rededicated it. When they entered the Holy Temple, they discovered that only one vat of purified oil remained - enough for 1 day. When they lit the menorah, it burned for 8 days. A miracle.

Not in the Bible....but in the First Book of Maccabees, originally written in Hebrew by a Jewish author about 100BC. Not scripture, but reliable history. If you want to understand the Bible - you have to understand history. And you cannot pick the parts of history that you like - you need to study all of history.

The Bible is a Jewish book, written by Jews, about Jews, to Jews. They have survived for 4000 years...what would you do if a present day leader of this country prohibited you from praying, practicing your customs, studying your religion? Would you survive....or would you give in to the demands of that ruler? Something to think about on this second night of lights.


Elaine A said...

Jen -
Fantastic video!! I loved it and the faux dicrohic glass is beautiful, I will be trying this one. Thank you for the videos, I look forward to the next several days.

Happy Holidays!
Elaine Allen

Theresa said...

Cool. I'm thinking Utee won't work as a substitution on this one, though...gonna have to think on this one, not sure if I can do it.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Theresa, UTEE is perfect - it's what I used for the necklace.

Theresa said...

Isn't it too brittle without that pearl stuff added in? I was thinking of adding glossy accents in as I melt it, but then worried I might cause some chemical explosion. That would be bad.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

If you are using UTEE, then add Flex (Ranger). Or you can always cut up glue sticks....just makes it a little milky. You only need 4-5 pieces of Flex or onlay about 1/16" glue stick for the mix. Hope that helps!