Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eight Nights of Lights - coming soon!

OK, mark your calendars. Starting 12/21 at 7 pm and for 8 nights, I will be posting ATC tutorials each night. I'm going to be using products from After Midnight Stamps and Amaco. It will be in conjunction with Hanukkah and we'll be doing things that create light, like candles, or things that are light in weight, like snowflakes! And we'll be using products like opals, fantasy film & fiber, friendly plastic, glass, inks, copper....things those 2 companies sell. It should be so much fun!!! And of course, if you're not in town on those dates, you can always check back!

Ebay update:

I've loaded a new sub-banner on my blog and you can go there and click on it to access my ebay store. As long as I have active auctions, I'll leave the banner up on my blog. I've got 20 items listed, will post another 10 tonight....and hope to add 10 per day til I'm done (i.e. until the house is empty???) LOL!

More scarves!

I seem to be on a true creative role this month - like I just can't quit! Even when I sit with Kerry in the evenings watching TV, I've been knitting up a storm! I finished TWO more scarves this weekend - I think that's 7 that I've made now! This one has so much bling and glitter in it....but it just wouldn't photograph at all!

You can tell from the fringe how many different types of fibers I used.

It came out thick and warm!

This one was more blues and blacks and I really can't decide which one is my favorite!

I've given away 3, and will give away 2 more and just keep 2. But then I already have an idea for my next that I've got the technique down pat...I need to experiment a little! LOL!

And I'm going to sign up for a class and learn how to make a hat and mittens. I've got my sis crocheting again. I tell you - it's contagious!!!

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