Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some angels....

come for a second and leave a mark that lasts forever. Other angels stick around forever and leave their mark by the second!!!

What a great stamp! Of course - it's a Lucy McGoo stamp! But I love how it turned out using Spellbinders newest dies - the 12" border flourish and the 6" rose border dies:

A little airbrushing...and some glitter:

This is a great die! I just left the die on the paper and used the airbrush in the stencil openings. So quick, so easy, and so pretty.

A little finangling, but I was able to use the border die on both ends of the paper, and then fold so they did not overlap each other. Again, some airbrushing in the stencil. And if you want either of these, I can order them in for you! :o)

I'm happy to announce that Scrapbook Your Life! in San Diego is going to be stocking copic markers AND refills! How fun is that? I've ordered tons of markers and refills for each one of them. Can hardly wait to get them all in!!!

Angels - I have both kinds, do you?

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