Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ornament hooks

Today, a couple of my art pals came to play. Oh! What fun!!! Just being together is enough, but I decided to make ornament hooks today First, I needed something to hang on them!

Cut up one of mom's watercolor paintings, cut up a photo of me, and a couple little words. Used platinum UTEE to seal the papers between glass and attach jump rings. It's faux soldering, but just so quick and easy! And you can barely tell that it's not silver solder!

twisted 14ga - 18 ga wire and added beads to make cute little ornament hooks:

Add spacers between beads. The different looks you could get with these are endless!

I no longer put up a tree, but I do hang all kinds of fun little things from lights and paintings - ok, just about any place I can! And why use those plain tree hangers when you can make something as pretty as these?

What did you create today??? LOL!

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