Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opals in ornaments

What a fantastic day today was! More playing with products from After Midnight stamps and Linda!!!

We played with so many things, but tonight, I'm going to share ornaments. What fun! This is a 3 part process. For the first part, spoon opals inside the ornament. Then add some Diamond Dust. Swirl it around. Then apply heat with a heat tool from the outside as you move the ornament around. It will adhere to the glass as the glass starts to heat up. (OK, some of these ornaments are heavy duty plastic and that works fine, too.)

Swipe some versamark on the outside and apply opals to that. Embed swarovsky crystals. You can see the depth and dimension in this shot:

For this next one, I wanted the look of melting ice on the top. I think I got it! I did the colors inside and then mixed Franklin opals with Diamond dust and carefully heated it as I move the ornament around on the top. It really is gorgeous as it totally glitters from the Diamond Dust.

Got a great shot here. When I dumped out the excess, it looks just like "rock candy" that we bought as kids.

And here's the back - just as great!

My brain is on complete overload tonight from all the different things we did today. We have laughed and played and experimented until I think my brain might explode! It has been so much fun! Linda flies home tomorrow and I will truly be sad to see her go, but check back - I've got several more things to share in the next few days.

These ornaments came from our local Hobby Lobby store - I'm sure you can find them at any craft store.

And you can purchase the Opals direct from After Midnight Stamps - but you can email me and buy them thru me as well. No minimum order - just go to their website, pick out what you want and let me know! They are beyond fun to work with! You won't be disappointed!


Evelyn S. said...

What is Diamond Dust? I've checked the AMS website...and I Googled it...but don't know any more than when I began looking. lol The ornaments are fascinating.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Evelyn, Linda just flew home last night. I'm sure one of the first things she will be doing is adding these to her inventory! But just to make sure, feel free to send them an email and let them know it's a product you really want!

As soon as they are available, I will also have them for sale as I'm going to start carrying all of their products!!!


Evelyn S. said...

Thanks for responding! I'll do just that!