Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Opal swirls on seaglass

OK, I LOVE opals!!! What fun to just experiment and play with them. Here are just a few of the pendants we made over the weekend. Want some jewelry?

For this one, we melted leftover opals, stickles glitter and pieces of fantasy film in the melting pot. poured it onto seaglass and drizzled stickles on the edges.  Pretty cool!

The stickles will boil up and create dimension in the opals.  We added swarovsky crystals to this.  The "red" spot on the upper right is some fantasy film that bubbled to the top.

For this one, we spooned 3 colors of Opals on top of seaglass, then used a skewer to make the designs

Just 2 shades of Opals, skewer design, swarovsky crystal.  I do really like this one!

This is the same technique, except we went back over the top and just sprinkled opals of a different color over the base color:

Then we decided to just play in the melting pot.  Threw in "stuff" and then scooped it out on top of sea glass.  Sort of fun to see what you can do with what you have!

This was leftover opals - just a lot of colors blended togther.

Orange, purple and blue.  NOT colors that I would pick, but I do like how they turned out.

If you work quickly with the skewer, you can actually plan out the design you want to make like above.  This is one of those things where you get addicted in about 2 seconds and can make piece after piece.....all day long.  

How many pendants can you make in a day?  I need to find some smaller pieces of sea glass and make some earrings to go with a necklace!!!

Oh!  It's fun to play!!!

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Gerrie Johnnic said...

Ohhhhhhhh and I luv Opals too! Just beautiful and what fun! Happy Turkey Day!