Friday, November 21, 2008

Making dichroic glass

Linda and I are just having way too much fun!!!  Tonight - a new way to make dichroic glass.   No sea glass!  All we used was Franklin Opals and Fantasy film.  Fabulous stuff!

And then we put silver foil around the edges and wrapped wire around it.

The wire holds the "stone" in place and also acts as the bale to hang it on a pendant.

If this is the beginning of our weekend.....I can hardly wait to play some more.  

Now, this is not the only thing we came up with tonight - we got to play for about 3 hours.   We stopped at Album Memories this afternoon and did a "little" shopping!!!   I'm going to space the photos over the next few blogs so you can take in what we are doing.  Eventually, I'll put up a tutorial for this technique - but I have to say, it truly does look like dichroic glass - and you only need Franklin Opals and Fantasy film to create this fabulous piece!!!

You can purchase both thru After Midnight Stamps!

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