Monday, November 17, 2008

Knit a scarf a day

Yep, having a bit of fun here. Problem is the photos don't show the metallic flecks in these. This first one - really long. This is it doubled around the neck:

 10 stitches wide, # 17 needles, 3 fibers, lots of eyelash and bling.  The colors are wonderful:

You can get a better feel for how long this one is.  Very light weight.

I made that one yesterday.  But I'm not going to tell you that I started it at least 20 times!  

Today, Kelly & Susan came over.   Kelly has a stockpile of fibers.  Ok, she was going to go in to the fiber business at one time.  So I picked out 3 types and knitted them together for this scarf.

I used 8 stitches wide and just the knit stitch on this one with size 17 needles.  

Kelly has fibers for sale and trust me, they are all gorgeous.  I'll be doing some other things with them this week so you can see some of the colors.  She has most of them pre-cut to 1 yard lengths.  If you are interested, just email me and I'll hook you up with her and maybe you can work out a deal.  These are great for ribbons on journals, ribbons on layouts - just a whole lot of fun things.  

We had so much fun today.  We put in the movie "Made of Honor" and sat knitting while watching the show.  And then I had a moment - I realized that we had all turned into our grandmas!  LOLOL!   This might just be my style of "grandma" - good friends, fun projects, no kids!  At any rate, it was a totally fun day doing something that didn't involve paper.  

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