Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful for....

My faith. My belief that Jesus is the Messiah and He will return.

Kerry - for how he has opened my eyes, my heart, my mind.

Jason. My son who has come full circle.

Jeff. My other son who is still traveling that journey.

Mom...for the inspiration she continues to give me

My sisters, my brother. For what I learn through each one of them.

Each choice I have made in this life - for I would not be who/where I am without each decision.

That I live in a time when I can witness prophecy being fulfilled at an astounding rate.

For retirement - and the gift of playing with friends and family.

For health.

For the mistakes I continue to make - as they help me grow as a human being.

For my friends. Without you, life would be so dull!

For each person who has passed thru my life - for the experience of meeting you, sharing with you, getting to know you, whether for a moment or for an extended period of time.

Most of all, I'm thankful today that I live in a country where I can still be thankful for so much.

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Me, Jeff, Jason, c 1985

My hope is that you have found much to be thankful for, too!

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Ginni said...

You, too, are a blessing to each one of us who have had the privilege of meeting you and playing together. May God's blessings continue to you and Kerry!