Friday, November 28, 2008

Green Friday on my blog!!!!

OK, why do they call today "black" Friday? I think we should call it green - as in green money, spend your money, go shopping, green light go.....I can think of a lot of reasons to call this "Green" Friday, not Black! LOL! honor of Green Friday - I'm going to offer you my "deals".

Many of you have written to me inquiring about the opals I have been using. No, they are not Suze's melt art. They are produced in Australia and are distributed in the US by After Midnight Stamps. But I will ship them to you anywhere in the world!!!

Click HERE and decide what colors you want and how much of each. Then email me with your order no later than 8 am MST on December 1. I will create an invoice and mail that to you and as soon as the product arrives here, I will ship it out to you.

Green bonus # 1: I will ship free anywhere in the US (if you live across the ponds, we'll negotiate a shipping discount for you!)

Green bonus # 2: I will give you 15% off your entire order (retail prices)!!!

Green bonus # 3: You can also order anything on this site and I will give you the above pricing!!!

Now note, they have lots of items already on sale, so if it's on sale, I will give you the lower of 15% off retail or the sale price, whichever is lowest.

BONUS!!! Although it's not on their website yet, I know you can order the Diamond Dust I've been using. 2 oz is just $3.50 and the above discounts will apply to that as well!!!

Green bonus # 4: That includes all of my Lucy Mcgoo stamps!!!

I know by the time you get my blog in your feed, you will have shopped til you drop. Can there be any more??? Of course there can!!! If you love to shop online, then Paper Craft Source is the place for you!!! You can actually fill out a "wish list", cut and past it into and email, and send it to me.

Green bonus # 5: Just shop HERE and get 15% off your entire order and free shipping!!!

Now, take some time to play around with that website - there are products hidden and buried on pages that are a little hard to find. I use the "search" field all the time. The "Christmas" category is the latest product and everything in "coming soon" is now available - as long as it's in stock!!!

Plan on about 10 days for delivery for all of these items - but it's worth the wait especially if you live in a remote area or all your local stores have closed down! I will invoice you first. You can paypal me or send me a check. If something is not in stock, I will send you an immediate refund.

So, FIVE reasons to go GREEN today rather than being black! I just thought that might be a little fun!

Deadline is 12/1 at 8 am MST. So you've got the entire weekend to go shopping!!!

Just call me "the enabler"!!! Oh! And if you shop enough here, there's no reason that you can't play along with opals and diamond dust now! LOLOL!!!

Shall I share with you my technique for coloring diamond dust? Check back tomorrow!!!

The 4 Moore Girls and brother, c 1962 - mom bought it all the day after Christmas the year before and hid it for a whole year from the 5 of us. Now, how did she manage that????

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Gerrie Johnnic said...

OMG, mabel the enabler...stop it! I don't know whether to hug you or delete your post....but....YOU know what I'll! you are killing me GF