Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kathleen's class at the retreat

I've covered everything we did at the retreat except for Kathleen's class - because I didn't get that one finished up until today!

We were taught the basics of book making. We started with paper, chipboard, and I used my ATG gun. She showd us how to wrap fibers to create the binding for signatures. The thing I like about this journal is that you can use a few pages (and make them quite lumpy) or add as many pages as you want. And it was just soooooo simple to make!

Mine had an oriental flair ot it, so I used a text background and gold embossing powder over the stamp and around the edges, then cut out a sentiment that was printed on vellum and inked and embossed the edges of it. Then I stuck a couple of swarovsky crystals on wire and attached 2 hearts together. I would have finished this a whole lot earlier, but it's just been a busy and fun week!

For instance, just today, Kathy came at 10 am and stayed and went to lunch with us. Then Susan came over about 2 pm and stayed while we laughed a good little bit and Colleen got here about 5 pm and we went to the mall to do a little shopping. Somewhere in between visits, I finished this journal, located all the cruise documents, finished up all my packing, weighed my bags, bought a new evening outfit and found the shoes to go with it! Just a typical day in my life! LOL!

I am so blessed to have such good friends and wonderful sisters....and the ability to host an awesome retreat! I'm almost ready to do it all again - but the cruise is next!

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