Saturday, October 18, 2008


You wouldn't like me as President! You'd never vote for me. But I thought it would be quite fun to list some of my own "isms"!

You will think Palinisms are great after reading Jenisms! LOL!!! But there are days in my life when I wake up and just scratch my head and wonder what the rest of the world is thinking.....

1. Who gave you a gift certificate on the day you were born that guaranteed you an easy life? NO ONE! So why do you expect it?

2. We were not all CREATED equal! My son who was born with a seizure disorder was not created equal to my son who was born with asthma. And neither one of them were created equally to any other healthy child. My son with the seizure disorder should NOT be given equal opportunities. No one in their right mind should hire him to climb up on a roof top and clean chimneys! DUH! People who write rules for our government and judges who regulate them just do not think!

3. Every moment in life is a choice. You choose every single moment. Live with the outcome of the choices you make. After all, you made the choice. If you buy a car (new or used) and then complain you can't afford health insurance - that was a choice you made. Live with it. Don't expect anyone to give you a car and health insurance. Make smart choices.

4. Taxes and death. Two things that have been around forever. Tax everyone (personal, business, religious, non-profits) at a flat 10% of gross receipts. No write-offs. No deductions. Fair. Equitable. The rich would be taxed equally to the poor. Corporations could not use 5-star resorts as a tax write-off. Think of the income to the government if those huge mega churches had to pay 10% of their gross receipts back to the government!

5. Buy now, pay now. Give credit to those who deserve it. Return to the 25% rule. You can get credit up to 25% of your net income. You can buy a house that is only 4 times your annual salary. That means if you earn $25K per year, you can qualify for a house worth $100K. With a 25% deposit. Think about it. How much credit would you have been offered with those rules? Would you have your current debt had these rules been followed? Would your home be worth less than what you owe on it?

6. Speak my language. It is a requirement to learn and understand English in order to become a citizen of this country. If you do not want to become a citizen, then leave. If you do not want to learn to speak, read, write, understand and communicate in English, leave. It is a choice.

7. Understand languages. The Bible really says that a tithe is a tax. But a gift is what you have in excess. Give gifts to those who are in need. If you were taxed at 10%, that leaves you 90%. 25% for credit (house payment, etc.) that should leave you with plenty of your income to live on and plenty to give to those in need. The Bible also says, "I will bless them that bless thee." Understand that the Bible is a book written by Jews, about Jews, for Jews. Understand Hebrew and Greek, not King James's English. Remember, James would have you beheaded if you didn't write what he wanted to read!!! God said He will bless those that bless the Jews. If you want to be blessed, send your gifts to Israel, not your local church. Give it a year and see what your return is. You might be surprised!

7. Eliminate entitlements. Who said you were entitled to anything? Save at least 10% of your gross income your entire life. Self-insure yourself for health and life. They did it 200 years ago. Let's do it again. Once again, go back up and reread "choices". If you buy your child the latest video game equipment rather than putting the money aside in savings, do not expect the government to fund your retirement or operation because of the "bad" choices you made.

8. Ban insurance. I once met a guy who started a life insurance company. He quickly sold millions of policies. I asked him how he expected to pay them off when the policy owners started to die off in 50 or so years. He said it wasn't his problem, he was going to sell the company long before that. As consumers, we have made a choice to invest in insurance companies: life, health, car, disability.....and there is no way any of them can pay off 100% of their future promises.

9. The new workplace is home. Eliminate offices and commuter traffic by allowing everyone to work from home. My neighbor is a vet and I can take my pets to him as easily as I can get in the car and drive down the street to his office. Zoning prohibits him from working at home. My husband works from home, but his company still maintains an office for him in a building. Who pays for that? You! The consumer who buys their products. The consumer is the only person who ends up paying for all those things that a company does besides make the product you buy. If you don't understand that premise, email me!

10. Put God first. In schools, in jobs, in life. If we enforced the 10 commandments, how much regulation would we need? Would there even be prisons? Follow Biblical rules:
a. An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. If you get in a car blind drunk and hit me head on in my car, and my arm is cut off, then I get to cut off your arm in a nationally televised reality show. After 4 or 5 shows, would you drive drunk?
b. If you steal from me you work for me for free for SEVEN years. I'll bet no one would have to lock their doors or own a safe!
c. Israel is irrigating the desert, building greenhouses, growing food for a future world. Why are we not doing the same thing here? What are we doing for future generations?

So, like I said, you most likely would never vote for me, and are probably upset by some of my ideas. But take a moment and consider that 200 years ago, this nation did not have welfare, social security, a stock market, health and life insurance, prisons that were better than most of our private residences, unemployment.....only in the past 200 years have we brought ourselvs to this point and at least I have an idea of what I would do to reverse all this. Do you?

.....and now, I will get down off my "stump".......



dpelham said...

I wrote you in on my ballot.

Unknown said... would have my vote. I love your candor and isms but oh so true and makes a hell of alot of sense..When does the campaign start?

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of those Jen! LOL If the founding fathers knew how much of a socialist country the US has become, they would be rolling in their graves!

Lisa H.

Amy said...

Well, I tend to agree with many of the Jen-isms. Why is it now so difficult to simplify life?? (.. oh yeah, the entitlements). Great photos, thanks for sharing!