Friday, October 10, 2008

Imagine the difference!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. But sometimes, what we know is just plain funny.

Look at that chubby little me on the left in the lower photo! I am soooooo dark!!! If I didn't KNOW that we were sisters, I'd never imagine we were even related! And it's not a fluke of the camera because mom got 2 photos that day. I am really, really (ok, REALLY) dark when I get out in the sun. And I have the curliest hair ever! And she is just so white - we tell her not to show her legs even today - we need sunglasses to look at them! LOL!!!

I'm dark, she's fair
I'm brunette, she's blonde
My hair is curly, hers i straighter
We were born to the same parents
Grew up on the same farm
We are only 1 year apart in age

the life we've shared together
for over 55 years!!!

And you should also know that when I started looking at the photo on the top, I thought those were dish towels hanging on the line to dry. Grandma Myrtle was a school cook. Imagine my surprise when I realized those are all DIAPERS! Because at this age, Elaine was a newborn, so mom had 3 little girls all in diapers.

IMAGINE washing that many diapers! Hanging them on the line to dry. Changing that many diapers! I was a little over 2, Colleen was just over 1 and Elaine a newborn. c 1954.

Imagine a hot summer afternoon in the Indiana humidity, 3 babies, mom and dad lived with her mom in the old farm's brother, Reese, was still at home, probably in high school about then, dad worked and farmed. One bathroom for everyone to share. I think mom & dad and all 3 of us girls all had 1 bedroom to share.

Imagine my shock when I learned as an adult that we were poor as kids! I had no clue. I thought life was pretty wonderful!

So, this was the opening for our retreat last weekend - a layout showing how different 2 women can be, from birth til now - but showing the imagination and wonder of what we can do when we get together as a group of artists!


Viki Banaszak said...

That is so cool! I love the little tubs you are in. I know whenever I slept over in grandmas cottage I had to use the outhouse. Still gives me the willies to this day. Our neighbors had a super duper outhouse. A 2 seater. LOL. We had a regular bathroom, but my gma and neighbors were only summer residents. My sister just told me recently that we were poor too. I had no idea. So I know what you mean.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

What do today's kids have with no possible memories of outhouses and metal tubs? We really had it made! LOL!