Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freedom of speech

I'll bet about now my regular readers are wondering what the heck happened to my blog? WHERE'S THE ART????

Well, I'm physically somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean Islands - on a cruise - with my family. And thought I would use this time to pre-post thoughts I've been having for quite some time. Things that I've written and didn't have time to post. Feel free to unsubscribe! Or just delete. Or read and laugh! But I hope a few of you might read and walk away with a new or different perspective on what is going on in the world today.

I read an article on Obama's thugocracy and was amazed that we are not discussing this.

But then I think it's kind of funny! Go ahead, sue me! With the financial mess we are all in - I'm worth less than nothing! LOL!!!

I am going to ask questions. That way, I'm not "stating facts" - oh what the heck - sue me anyway!

Why did they postpone indefinitely sentencing Tony Rezko? He was convicted. Is it because Obama can pardon him if Obama is elected President? How many other pardons will Obama make? Why are we not talking about the things Obama could do if he were elected President?

Who will he appoint as our supreme court judges?

Is Obama of "like mind" with men like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright?

And what if McCain had ties with such individuals? Would we even let him run? Why ae we tolerant of Obama's past choices for relationships?

But I think the question I would like to have answered most is "will freedom of speech" as we know it today come to an end?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Jen for speaking up!!!!

Why are we so intolerant of a female's clothes -- yet nothing or little has been mentioned before about the expensive suits some of these politicians have worn...... or even the cost of the ties?

I am glad there are some women who are willing to stand up and take the abuse that men haven't. This nation nit picks female bosses, female leaders, and we wonder why women are still not equal to men --- Women do not want other women to succeed-- we are catty and small minded.


Margaret Kane Ward said...

Ah, nice to see that moderation is enabled. I couldn't believe that I could be the first to "spout" off.

Jen, IM(no so)HO, we could find ourselves going the way of Canada; there is freedom of speech, as long as the STATE has not proscribed it as HATE speech. So you can talk about some things, but other things are proscribed. Religious speech (as I understand it) has different levels of acceptance. Non-Christian speech is tolerated and encouraged; much Christian speech is deemed "intolerant" and therefore proscribed.

So it will depend upon the "flavor of the month". Is YOUR speech acceptable to the STATE or does it leave a bad taste in their (collective) mouth and it's therefore unacceptable.

Thanks for all your art work & your other thoughts. I love it all. I DON'T agree with it all, but then that's what makes it an interesting world, no?

Delete if you wish. :)

Unknown said...

Boy do we think the same! Another thought, will Christians become targets of the liberal left and other "religions" even more? We are much hated already.
But, anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time! Gets lots of rest and fun and then come home and be creative!

Anonymous said...

Amen! I've been thinking just the same things and many more. I find the position we're in quite frightening. I'm not sure where we are and I'm especially not sure where Obama would take us.