Wednesday, October 8, 2008

extreme id makeover, part 1

They either LOVED this class - or they hated it and whined the whole day long! LOLOL!! I will definitely blog this as a tutorial later (hopefully yet this week if I can get it done)

Basically, you cut a photo into 4 quadrants, blow each quadrant up, paint each quadrant separately (paint over the photo), attach them back together on a canvas, then decorate and embellish. The idea is that each quadrant gets painted totally different. You can sort of see that with Sherry's hair in this one:

Cut up pieces of a magazine to add text and/or embellishments. I just cracked up when she put a zipper on her own mouth!!!

It's amazing to see the resemblence, yet the huge difference when you look at the photo next to the artist!

and what an easy way to give yourself a complete makeover! So much fun!!!

There's just no limit to how you can embellish your id - and no limit to how much "stuff" you can use! I justlove this one!

I truly love the the idea of covering your face with words! So much fun!!! But blue lips??? I love it!!!

Not sure what was the most fun, but I loved the choice of words on this one! "Delicious details", "magic", "inspire a friend"....

"so inconspicuous" - all the words were taken from magazines - isn't that just beyond fun?

I know a lot of these are not done and will be embellished after they got "home", but I think everyone got a great start on their makeover portraits. The creativity in my house last weekend was just so much fun to watch. And those who spent the day whining, I just sat at my table and giggled! If nothing else, this class certainly stretched most of us as artists and took us way outside of the boxes that we sit in! It made me see myself completely differently, that's for sure!

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of those who opted to alter something other than themselves - their projects are just as amazing and just as much fun!!!

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