Friday, September 19, 2008

My seashell fascination

What is my fascination with seashells all about? Where does it come from? When I was a little girl, Grandma had a huge (well to me at that age it was really huge) seashell that she used as a doorstop. It was so big, I could barely pick it pu and put it to my ear....but when I did, I could hear the ocean. That was in Indiana, on the farm, and I had never seen the ocean at that time. But I would stand there and carefully hold that seashell to my ear as long as she would allow me.

And when I saw the ocean for the first time....I just sat on the sand and listened to the sounds of the ocean forever.

When she moved out of her house, she was going to put that seashell into the trash and I asked her if I could have it. It's the big one in the background in the photo below. Whenever I get to missing the ocean....all I have to do is put it up to my ear!

A few years ago, we were in Mexico - riding horses along the beach. How romantic! LOL! Our tour guide told us we could take as many shells as we could put into our pockets and I took a few. They were all the color of sandwashed shells....ugly, plain cream. So when I picked them up yesterday and started thinking about my copic markers......

How utterly fun to decide what colors to airbrush them! And how vivid and alive they are! I also finger painted some Krylon gold and silver on the ridges. I have about 6 more to go....but I do think I'm going to leave Grandma's seashell just like it was when I was a kid.

I also discovered that you can use glossy accents on them to give them a shine. Perfect pearls to make them glimmer. Who knew it would be so much fun to paint seashells???

Poor Kerry! He has decided nothing is safe in this house. I promised him I wouldn't go near his closet.....

But I'm thinking I could airbrush some new sayings on some old t-shirts and bring them back to life!

LOLOL!!! Poor guy!!!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful shells! And my hubby's closet did get hit. He has a denim shirt that is wildly painted and stamped using Lumiere paints! And he's brave enough to wear it! I say, Go for it!!