Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Night - The Women

Last minute reschedule of classes let us meet up for "The Women" last night. What fun! I go to the movies alone all the time because Kerry just doesn't enjoy chick flicks. (Now what is wrong with that? LOLOL!) So it is a real treat whenever I can go with other can cry and laugh and cry and no one gives you that disgusted look!

And it's just plain fun!

Now you know, they do give us huge bags of popcorn these days.....

But someone in our group decided the bag was not enough.....she needed a whole box!

And oh my! She ate it all by herself! Didn't even share! Not even a morsel!!!

LOLOL! Well, if you believe every word I write........

Truth? It was a great movie and an even better girls night out! I'll be back in San Diego after the first of the year and we will definitely have another chick flick night together!

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